Kinmo-in Temple Photos


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“An Unexpected Second Temple”

The Kinmo-in (Kinmo temple) is vary rarely written about because people often don’t know it is its own separate thing. In order to get to Honen-in (Henen Temple), you need to walk through Kinom- in. Kinom-in is made up of several small buildings, structures, and a pond. There is also a large stair way you need to walk up to get to Kinmo-in. Continue reading

Modifications of na-adjectives

As explained in my Adjectives and Adverbs post, there are groups of adjectives and adverbs known as i-adjectives (い-adjectives) and na-adjectives (な- adjectives). However, only i-adjectives must be conjugated, so instead this post will be to show how you would modify na-adjectives for the same tenses show in the Conjugation of i-adjectives post.

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