“Yum and Cheap”

The restaurant has a hostel on the upper floor, but the restaurant is still quiet. They have an English menu and they speak enough English to have a conversation. They are very friendly and it was one of the best meals I have had in a while and then even after.

We left our meal up to them, and they age us yellow tail sashimi salad with a vinaigrette to die for, a tofu and tomato salad, juicy fried chicken, a fluffy Japanese omelet, and some slow cooked pork belly in a sweet-tangy sauce. All of that food was only about $50. For the amount of food and the quality, we probably would have paid almost twice as much!

This place is also a hostel filled with foreigners. The staff also speaks a little English, and the restaurant even has an English menu, so no worries.

4-1-8 Kita 18-Jo Nishi | Untapped Hostel 1F, Sapporo

Gohanya Haruya

Nishiazabu ALife

“Fun but a little pricey”

The club has two main floors. The basement floor is the dance room with a DJ, playing a lot of American music from the 1990s. The “1st” floor is the bar/smoking/talking room (and bathrooms and lockers). There was one other floor, but I didn’t go up there. It seemed that the 3 floors were playing different kinds of music. Continue reading