Sapporo Ice Sculpture Competition Photos

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This style came from the look of a typical American teenager. The name Gyaru came from the English word “gal.” This look is typically an overly childish but girly look. Keep in mind that this style is the Japanese view of an american teenager. It is based off of what they saw on social media and movies. Continue reading


“Just Like in the Magazines”

This is a main street in Sapporo, Hokkaido, that is packed with stores, bars, restaurants, karaoke, Pachinko parlors and red light establishments. Just like in Tokyo, each building has a couple of floors, and each floor, has a different establishment, so I definitely recommend looking at the list of places for each building when looking for a place to eat or play at. Each place is different, so they all have their own unique atmosphere. Continue reading

Musashi Sky Restaurant

“Amazing food with a View”

The Musashi Sky Restaurant is a restaurant on floor 634 of the Tokyo Sky Tree. This upscale restaurant serves a multi course meal. The food was supposed to be a representation of Tokyo through food, and I would agree that it touches on the fact that Tokyo used to be a place without western culture, but the Tokyo now, is full of western culture and influences. This comes out in the food. When I ate here, one of the things we ate was a wanton chip with a Japanese marinated foie gras. Continue reading