About Blog

I made this blog so that I could put all of my feelings while I was in Japan on one site without being cluttered by other things. Just know that there is no order to these posts. Some things will be posted shortly after I went there, while others (most) will be written and posted a while after. This allows me to have time to collect my thoughts, and  it also makes it easier to get out two posts each week on a mostly regular basis: Mondays and Thursdays.

I have been to Japan four times, and I will return to Japan many more times in the future.

I spent time in Japan for study abroad, school exchanges, internships, learning the language, manga, anime, and some traditional things. (more detail on the “about” page).

Occasionally I will post my new favorite song.

Please remember that these are my opinions of the places I have been, so don’t get salty if we disagree.