Crea Mall

“Fun and close to the Station”

There are many places to have fun like Karaoke, game centers, cafés, restaurants, and many more. There are also many of each so if you don’t like the price at one place, just walk 20 ft and im sure you will find another place very similar. Continue reading

Okonomiyaki Katsu

“Hole in the Wall”

This restaurant was a little house that had the first floor converted into a restaurant. The Owners are also the chiefs. They are a nice couple. They spoke a little English. The restaurant has a big cooking area with four seats to sit at the counter. There is also a small table towards the back.

It seems to be a popular place among locals. Continue reading

Tokyo Tower

“Fun but short”

The Tokyo Tower is the second tallest structure on Japan; at a height of 332.9 meters or 1,092 feet. There are two levels of the main view point. There is also a section with a glass floor so you can see straight down.

As cool as this might seem, it is a onetime view kind of attraction — in my opinion. The view of the city is also the best at night. All the moving cars and city lights.  Continue reading