Basic Numbers

Numbers 1 through 10 are counting like normal. And most numbers after 10 are fairly simple after you know 1 through 10.  The only thing that is different is some of the pronunciations. Continue reading


Monochrome Fashion

“One color to Rule them All”

Even though the word “monochrome” literally means ‘one color,’ this style of fashion is when an outfit is made up of one color or mostly one color. Often instead of the same version of the same color, this style would use various versions of the same color in one outfit.

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The Honen-in (Henen Temple) is more known than  Kinmo-in (Kinmo temple) because Honen-in consists of a large tranditional building. When I was there in the winter, there is only one window/door that is open, so we had to walk around the side to see the inside of the building and a painting the temple put on display. Continue reading