Yamanba/ Manba

After reading about gyaru and ganguro, you know that ganguro is the more intense version of gyaru. If you thought that was it, you are wrong. The more intense and extreme versions of ganguro are yamanba and manba.  This style’s name originated from “Yama-uba,” a mountain hag from Japanese folklore.

Just like in gyaru and ganguro, this style includes a fake tan, however, in this case, the fake tan is much darker; ranging brown dark brown to almost black. They use black eyeliner and white eye shadow to give themselves extremely droopy eyes; this often puts their bottom lash fake eyelashes on their cheek  bone. They also have been contouring before contouring was even a ting, but they do it with a very pigmented white and don’t do any blending. Their hair and nails are always over the top. Their hair is generally neon or multicolored, and they will often have dreadlocks or small braids. Their nails are usually very long fake nails (like 4 or more inches) with little gems or toys attached to them.

For more Harajuku Fashion I suggest: http://tokyofashion.com/

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