Alice in Wednesday

“A fun Stop”

The store Alice in Wednesday is an Alice in wonderland themed store in Harajuku.

Most of the stuff is themed after the original books and illustration of Alice in Wonderland instead of the 1950’s animation, or any of the newer movies.

The store has three floors, and each floor has its own unique theme. The first floor is the pure white room; where you can buy drink me bottles, and eat me candies, along with other themed foods. The second flood is the Queen of Hearts room; where you can sit in the Queen’s throne, and buy lots of accessories: small bags, clocks, jewelry, hair accessories. The third floor is the Mad Hatter’s room; where you can get big bags, umbrellas, key chains, and other everyday use things.

The outside has multiple doors to keep you guessing as to which one leads inside when all of them are closed. The doors are of various sizes. The entrance door is a small door, so you have to crouch through it. The doors (on the outside and the ones on the inside) have hidden keyholes. Various places also have characters peeping out from under tables.





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