Club Harlem

“Poppin’ but Sticky”

The beats were great and it was all black music, but most of the music was from the 1990’s, the floor was sticky and kinda gross.

A good thing about this club is that it was just as full as the pictures make it seem, but that could be because the room is actually fairly small, for a club.

One thing that I did notice (that in my opinion was not so good, but if you ask my friend, who I went with, it was the greatest part), was that because there was enough African foreigners, whenever there was a song that had a popular dance to (a hip-hop dance), there was always a group of people in the middle doing the dance, so if you didn’t know the dance, you felt out of place. That was how I felt. On the other hand, my friend loved it and had a lot of fun doing those dances with strangers. it was almost like a bonding experience for her.

There was also drinking and smoking ON the dance floor. Not drinking on the dance floor is not that uncommon, but for some reason the floor was super sticky. Many people must spill the drinks all the time. . . It was really hard to move my feet because it was so sticky.

There were cigarette butts and ashes all over the floor. There were ash trays on some of the tables but no one seemed to be using them, so the floor just got dirtier and dirtier.

The club is in Shibuya.



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