Are there any things you have in the US, but not in Japan?

There are many differences but the one that effects day to day life the most would be the difference in the way they do the laundry because of the different machines.

In America, our washers and dryers have more power, so most Americans only wash their clothes once a week, where as in Japan, people usually wash their clothes everyday. American washers can get everything clean in one wash and our dryers can dry it all in one wash. American dryers can also dry with different temperatures, so our clothes won’t shrink.

Japan’s washers are fairly weak and don’t often get the big stains out all the way. it was very hard to keep my half white pants white instead of a grayish white; which just made the white look dirty. Also, most people in Japan don’t have, or dont use, the dryers because Japanese dryers are weak so it will take many washes to fully dry the clothes and there is only one temperature.



2 thoughts on “Are there any things you have in the US, but not in Japan?

  1. Still the same old washers! My goodness! I work for a manufacturer of high quality US washers and dryers and I love them. I could go back to a washboard of course but a good washer set cannot be underestimated.

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