Did you find any interesting behavior among Japaneses?

These are my top two other than the obvious bowing: the way Japanese people group and their reaction when people accidentally run into eachother.

  1. The way Japanese people group with each other is very interesting. In America, a group of friends will all have equal say when making plans or decisions, however, in Japan, it seems like each group has an obvious leader that everyone else follows. For example, in America, if one friend says something is cute, his/her friends will give their opinions even if they are different, but in Japan, it seems like everyone in the group has to have the same opinion as the leader.
  2. Many times when you run into someone’s shoulder accidentally, most Japanese people don’t say anything. At first I found it very rude, so I asked my Japanese friends and they also were unsure why it is this way. However after talking and debating for what seemed like a long time, they explained that it was due to the belief that you shouldn’t embarrass others if it is unneeded. The feeling seemed to be that confronting that kind of situation makes one or both of the people in that situation embarrassed.

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