Club Camelot

If you like DJs and dance music, this will be fun for you and they’re open late as well. The atmosphere in the EMD/Dance music floor was right on point. The music and the people there were energetic and engaging.

The nightclub a little more expensive then most,but you get two drinks with the entrance payment, so I think it is about the same. Here it is 2500円 + 2 free drinks for girls. Other places are usually 2500円 + 1 free drink for girls. ALSO, there is a happy hour almost everyday when the entrance amount is only 1000円 + 2 free drinks.

Drinks are decent but expensive. And when I say expensive, I just mean compared to some bars. The drinks were fairly priced (about 700円 each).

Somedays have 3 dance floors, but there is always at least 2 dance floors and the VIP section open. Each of the dance floors have its own DJ and atmosphere. And, like every club, the DJ changes every once in a while, so if the DJ isn’t doing it for you, go to one of the other dance floors till they change, or the next song comes on.

And of course they have lockers for you to put your stuff in, so you don’t have to carry it around the club.



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