Kindness of the People in Japan

One thing that I have noticed about Japan, is that many people are much kinder than they are in America. The kindness and respect that I was treated with while in Japan made me happy. I know that I can get help from some of the locals if I need it. Many of them seem to be shy but when help is needed, they tend to help.

Two Examples:

  • I remember an incident that occurred during my first trip to Japan. The program I was in gave us specific tasks to do during our free days so we can learn about the culture and society. One of the tasks was to ask someone on the street the meaning of the kanji for the city name, Ueno. Even though she really didn’t understand the question, she tried her best and even cheered us on in finding an answer to our question.
  • Another incident was when I was in Kyoto. After hanging out with some friends, we split up into our groups to go home: some took the bus, some biked, we took the train. When we walked into the station, we couldn’t find the train we were looking for. A stranger walked up to the 5 of us, and in broken English helped us find our train. He was just passing by to the other trains, so he pointed us in the correct direction to get to our train. Thanks to that, we made it back before the trains stopped for the night.

These examples are just some of the many incidents where Japan has proven itself kinder than America.


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