myTop-IC Interview

I was asked to be interviewed for the Ibaraki Christian University magazine, myTop-IC. I said it was fine and then they gave a piece of paper to fill out that had eleven questions on it. There were two sections: matters related to Japan and matters related to your home country.

Matters related to Japan:

  1.  What do you think about college life in Japan?
  2. What are your favorite things about Japan?
  3. Which Japanese word did you learn at first?
  4. When you were in America, what did you think about Japan?
  5. Did you find any interesting behavior among Japaneses?
  6. What are your favorite things you bought in Japan?


Matters related to your home country:

  1. How is California like?
  2. Please tell me featured sports in your home country?
  3. Are there any differences between schools in your home country and Japan?
  4. When you said you would study in Japan, what did your family say?
  5. Are there any things you have in the US, but not in Japan?


Then at the interview, they recorded my answering the questions. When I was answering the questions this time, we were discussing them and they were also taking notes.

They took pictures of me with various backgrounds. They kept telling me to not be nervous, but I couldn’t help it. I don’t like to have my picture taken. I seem to be relatively okay with selfies, but when they use a nice camera and nice set up, it makes it hard to relax. They also took pictures of the things I said was my favorite things I bought in Japan.

I like the name of the magazine. It is a play on the words “my topic” because everyone at Ibaraki Christian University calls Ibaraki Christian University, IC.


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