Color War

We split everyone into four teams on Tuesday, that way everyone could wear their team color on Thursday for Color wars. The team colors were red, blue, green, and yellow. For the people who forgot or didn’t have any clothes with their team color on it, we had colored tape to put on people. There was about 11 people per group.


5:40 Introductions and Greetings
5:50 Games
7:30 Food
8:00 Finished

DSCF1514  DSCF1523  DSCF1652  11143119_1479216682372250_7568957032477391684_n

When prepping for the Party, we didn’t know if it was going to rain or not because the weather was being indecisive all week, so we had to make two options of what we would be doing. One option (the preferred option) of things to do outside, and the other one was things to do if we got rained in.

DSCF1661  DSCF1649  DSCF1646

We were worried about the rain so we decided to play the two games we had to play outside, first. We did the water balloon toss first, and the the relay race. Water balloon toss is where you toss a water balloon to your partner as the distance increases. The last one to pop their balloon wins.

DSCF1569  DSCF1563

The relay race consisted of a bunch of mini-races where you would start the next mini-races as soon as their group finished the prior mini-races. The relay race consisted of a three legged race, a wheelbarrow race, a chopsticks race, a grapevine running race, and three balloon popping races. The chopsticks race is where you carry chopsticks with your partner (in your mouths) and walk while balancing a ball on the chopsticks. The balloon races are where a person has to find a way to pop the balloon without using your hands directly. The first group to finish all the mini-races would win.

DSCF1615  11000824_1479216342372284_4912510835479588505_n

The weather seemed to be fine, so we continued to play the games outside. The next game we did was “Find it”. Find it is where we give them things they have to find, and then the runner will give it to the designated person who is walking around. The things they will have to find can be in their backpacks, on their person, or a picture of something. Each group will have one runner, and only the runner can turn in the specific thing.

10389237_1479216755705576_2094466868589989275_n  DSCF1725

Then we had a tug of war tournament. we were already divided into four teams, so we had each team face each other in a tournament style. Have one team stand on one side of the line, holding onto one end of the rope. On the other side of the line, have the other team hold onto the other end of the rope. Then both teams will pull at the ends of the rope, at the same time. Whichever teams pulls a member of the other team over the line, wins .

DSCF1813  DSCF1823

When we finished that, we realized we still had some time left, so we played “Over under”. Over under is a game where you pass a ball over a person’s head and then under the next and then repeat the pattern. once a person lets go of the ball, they will run to the back of the line. this will continue until everyone in the group has passed the end line. The first group to finish wins.

DSCF1796  DSCF1799

At the end of each game, the winners got to choose one intern to pie; the winning team for the tug of war go to pie two interns; and the overall winning team got to pie two interns. At the end, we had extra whipped cream, so we had a free for all with it and water. After all of that, we went back inside and ate hot dogs and soda.


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