Creating poster for Color Wars

When creating this poster it was a lot harder to figure out what they wanted because they game me a list of things that needed to be on the poster but they didn’t specify importance or what things and I was basically working on it by myself. Even though there are five of us here, I am the only one who is willing and able to work on Macs because all of us use windows. That isn’t the problem, the problem is that when I have a question about what to do on a specific part they ignore me.

That usually isn’t a problem because I like working alone, however, it was a problem this time because I ended up making four drafts before even showing it to my employers. When they saw the posters, they made various minor edits and then were happy.

When I was in high school, I took a commercial Arts class, so I know how to deal with stingy employers and people who have different opinions than I do. However, I have never had to deal with such lack of respect by my co-workers. I would rather them say nothing but bad things then nothing at all because then I know they are at least paying attention.

I was going to upload a pdf of the poster, but this blog doesn’t like the pdf, so no picture.


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