Adventure in Mito

On June 13, a friend and I went to Mito by train. Mito station is connected to a big mall on both sides. We knew we wanted to go to a famous shrine and park in Mito, so we decided to walk in that direction. The park and the Shrine are about 15 km from the station. While walking we came upon a cafe. This cafe was similar to a Coco’s restaurant, so we decided to eat lunch here and have a Japanese meal for dinner.

After eating we finished walking to the Park and the shrine. When we got to the park, we noticed that the shine was on the other side of the park. The Senben lake was in the middle of the Park, so we had to walk around the park instead of through the middle.

The shrine was next to a famous garden. We walked around the garden for a couple of hours. We walked about 30 km around the shrine and the garden.

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In the garden, there are many cherry blossoms and there was even a natural spring.


In order to get back to the mall next to the station, we had to walk the rest of the way around the park. The walk around the park was 35 km. Then we walked the 15 km back to the station.

While we were in Mito, we decided to go to a bookstore in the mall. I wasn’t going to buy any manga books, but I wanted to buy a KARA magazine. However, we were in the manga store for so long that I bought some manga.In the mall next to the station, on the 10th floor, there was a japanese restaurant that we thought looked good. We ate there, and got dessert from Mister Donuts before catching the train to go home.


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