Oarai Aquarium: Aqua World

On June 6th I was invited  to go to an aquarium. The aquarium is in Oarai, and is named Aqua World. Aqua World is a steel-framed, reinforced concrete five-storey building, with an additional seventh floor observation room.

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The entrance fee for the aquarium was 1,850¥. Once entering the aquarium, we followed the crowd through the various parts of the aquarium. We took lots of pictures and even saw the second half of the aqua viewing show. This was were a scuba diver with an underwater camera took videos of the fish while two hosts , one on the first floor and the other on the second floor, entertained the audience and answered questions about the fish in the tank.


One of the other things we did at the aquarium was watched the live performances of dolphins and California sea lions. When we were first going to see the show, they weren’t allowing anyone else to enter and the next show wasn’t for another two hours. We decided to go get lunch and then come back to see the show.


We went to a seafood place in Oarai for lunch. I decided to try many different things instead of ordering a pre-set meal. Some other the things I got were good, like the scallops and the tuna sashimi, but other things wasn’t so good, like the steamed baby octopus and the steamed sea slug. the steamed baby octopus and the steamed sea slug were very chewy, but the scallops and the tuna sashimi were tasty.

Then we returned to Aqua World with 30 minutes before the next show started. Even though we got there with plenty of time to spare, we almost had to sand during the whole show because there wasn’t enough seats. Luckily, we found just enough seats for all of us to sit in the very top of the eating area behind a short wall.

It was a lot of fun and I would love to go back. For more information about Aqua World, check their website: http://www.aquaworld-oarai.com/en/


2 thoughts on “Oarai Aquarium: Aqua World

  1. Haloo..just googling about how to reach oarai tower from aquaworld n found your site. Is it possible to just have a walk from aquaworld to oarai navy tower? How long does it takes?


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