May 29th 2015 Pizza Party

On May 29th the DCE at IC hosted a pizza party. This party had a limit of 50 people. At the party there was 10 pizzas, 13 bottles of various drinks, and three types of snacks.


5:30 Introductions and Greetings
5:40 Eating
6:30 Games
7:30 Clean up
8:00 Finished

During this party we played many games. We played the “Knot Game”, “People to people”, “Family Feud”, and with a “Question Ball.” There was one game we did not get to; that game was called “Where the Wind blows.”

The “Knot Game” is a game where you split up into groups and untangle yourselves. How to play: everyone grabs the hand of the person across the group from them until every is holding someone else’s hand. Everyone will do this with both hands. Then it will be a race to see who can get untangled the fastest without letting go of their hands. In the end the groups will end up as a big circle.

DSCF1139  DSCF1137  DSCF1136

“People to people” is like a variation of simon says with a partner. How to play: everyone finds a partner and stand back to back. Every must introduce themselves to one another. Then the leader will say different combinations that the group has to try. For example, right hand to right hand, left foot to right foot, head to head, right hand to left leg, etc. Once the leader says “People to People” they will then go switch partners. The odd person is the leader. Once pairs switch the odd person out is the new leader.

DSCF1163  DSCF1171  DSCF1168

  DSCF1150   DSCF1153

“Family Feud” we played was a variation of family feud meets four corners. How to play: everyone will play Patrick`s family Feud game. we will chose parts of the room (or markers outside) to represent each answer. We will read the question and the answers. Then we will designate a place to represent each answer and say each answer again. Once it looks like everyone has chosen an answer, we will show the answers.


The “Question Ball” is a conversation game. How to play: we will throw around the large beach ball. What ever question the catcher`s hand lands on, they have to answer it.

“Where the Wind blows” is an icebreaker game. How to play: everyone will stands in a circle with one person in the center. The person in the center will introduce themself and then say the sentence, “The wind blows to anyone who…” They will complete this sentence with a statement that is both true to them and can be true for others. After they say this, everyone who this applies to will have to find a new spot in the cercle. The person who doesn’t will become the new leader, and the cycle repeats.



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