Ageha @ Studio Coast

“Fun!! and So Worth it”

My friends and I went on one of the few “women free” nights. There is one a month. It is not actually free but it is as cheep as they get for entrance fees. You have to prepay for one drink (500円). This is much cheaper than the usual 2500円-3000円 on a normal night, or the much more expensive performance nights.

The drinks are around 700円. And they are fairly strong so it is worth it. However, even the water is 500円, so keep that in mind.

There are even lockers, both inside and right outside the club. the ones outside are 300円. You get a key to put around your wrist so you cam get your stuff later and not have tp carry it around. Just remember to bring cash. Continue reading

Which Japanese word did you learn at first?

It is very hard for me to remember my first Japanese word because I would watch anime and Japanese dramas before I started teaching myself Japanese. When I watch anime or Japanese dramas, I watch them in Japanese with English subtitles, so I would remember random words or phrases before I started learning the language.