Ginkaku-ji Temple

“Big Beautiful Garden”

The main building for the Ginkaku-ji is not actually covered in silver, but it was supposed to be  (which is were it gets its name from: gin = silver).The garden is definitly that of a temple that was supposed to be a refection of Kinkaku-ji. The Japanese garden, supposedly designed by Sōami, the landscape artist. Continue reading

Robot Restarant show

“Important Information about the show! Read this!”

I have a lot more thoughts, but I will start with this one comment. Out of what seemed to be 150 seats filled, only 5 people were Asian (only three of them may not be foreigners). Two were Korean (I heard then speaking), one had a camera and was recording the whole thing (probably the boss or a higher-up because no one stopped her), and a couple sitting at the back (there weren’t really paying attention). Everyone else there was an obvious foreigner. Continue reading

Rainbow Bridge

“Beautiful at night”

My friends and I were going to the island. During the day, the bridge is just another big bridge, but at night it is completely different. It is Beautiful at night. Looking at it from a far while eating at a restaurant is beautiful. However, I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it.