Japanese Alphabets

Japanese has three alphabets: Katakana, Hiragana, and Kanji. Each of these alphabets has its own unique history and difficulty level. On this post, I will be explaining the different histories of each, and will be explaining the difficulty levels.

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Katsura River

“Just for Looking”

This is the famous river that goes through Arashiyama. In order to get from one side of Arashiyama to the other, you must cross this river on the Togetsu-kyo Bridge. This bridge is very handy because  depending on the time of year (just like any other river), the water levels in the river will change.  Continue reading

Harajuku’s Image in Japan

Harajuku has always been the epicenter for homegrown styles and designs. Because of this, many people start their fashion life there; and this is the main reason for Harajuku becoming a touristy place. Now Harajuku’s touristy place is different than most cities in Japan. Harajuku is all about fashion and is always evolving, so there isn’t anything that you could buy as omiyage, or gifts. This place was and will always be about the fashion – nothing more, nothing less. Continue reading


Manzai is a traditional Japanese style of stand-up comedy. Manzai involves two or three performers, consisting of a Tsukkomi and a boke. The Tsukkomi and the one or more bokes trade jokes, but they do this with amazing speed — they don’t miss a beat. Most of their jokes revolve around mutual misunderstandings, double-talk, puns and other verbal gags. This is why Manzai is common to see in MCs of various TV shows, ranging from variety shows to performing on special sections of the news.  Continue reading

Happy Holidays

Hello Everyone,

As December is a special Holiday month, There will be three posts a week during the entire month of December: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday

I am not religious but I still hope you can enjoy the holiday season and these posts,