Snow Festival in Sapporo

“Beautifully crafted”

During the winter in Sapporo, there is a Snow festival. This festival turns the normally snow covered park into a wonderful place filled with ice and snow art, 2D videos on 3D snow art, and good, hot food. Continue reading


Japan’s Street Fashion

Another amazing aspect of fashion in Tokyo is that you have so many districts in Tokyo prefecture that have their own distinctive vibe. Places like these allow for Japanese people to make, create and mismatch their own styles, and show them off whenever they want. This is what makes Japanese street fashion so amazing and forever changing.

Japanese street fashion is led mostly by high school girls who have become extremely influential in controlling fashion trends. It doesn’t come from the famous professional Japanese designers, unlike most places all over the world.

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Golden Gai

“Bars, Bars, and more Bars”

Golden Gai is a section of Shinjuku where there are wall to wall bars. It is an outside area of about five or six streets only big enough to walk through. There are four streets surrounding this area that cars can go through, so it ends up making its own block.

These bars are all super small. They are all walk in bars with anywhere from four to six seats. Each narrow bar is its own building, and each building has two or three floors. Each floor is a different bar owned by a different person with their own style.  Continue reading